One of the main directions of our activity are production of crowns for loosening of rock and soil, which are used in mining companies. We have developed a special alloy ПЛМС 6 (Poltava foundry alloy modified), (chrome nickel molybdenum alloy). Its strength and operational qualities are in two or three times higher than of manganese alloys (110 Г 13 Л and others) used by domestic producers. Furthermore, it is quite comparable with the analogs, which are manufactured by world leading firms.

At the moment manufacture of different types of crowns and teeth (including two- sectional: crown + adapter) for various excavators of foreign and domestic production (including ЭКГ-10) is implemented


Index number


Reference number

Range of application
(machine models)

Weight kg


1CrownV61 ARL 40 
2CrownV61 SD 27,6 
3CrownV69 SD 39Коронка (esco)
4CrownV69 RYL 38Коронка (esco)
5CrownV81 RYL 70Коронка (esco)
6CrownV81 SD 85 
7Adapter6806-V81 183 
8Crown65SV2 RXЭКГ-530,2Коронка (esco)
9Crown65SV2 SDЭКГ-530 
10Adapter8722W-65SV2ЭКГ-5160Адаптер (esco)
11Adapter protectionWC265ЭКГ-58Защита адаптера (esco)
12CrownS95 SD 95 
13Crown92 KHMA 52Коронка (esco)
14Adapter protectionWC 94A 32Защита адаптера (esco)
15Crown (D355)195-78-21333
(MKR355 AR)
Komatsu D35521Коронка (D355)
16Crown (D375)195-78-72320Komatsu D37526 
17Crown (D475)198-78-21370Komatsu D47537,5 
18Crown (PC300)207-70-14280Komatsu PC30010,2Коронка (PC300)
19Crown (PC300)207-70-14151 REKomatsu PC3008,6Коронка (PC300)
20Crown (PC400)208-70-14152Komatsu PC40012,3Коронка (PC400)
21Crown (PC400)208-70-14152 RCKomatsu PC40017,5 
22Crown (PC400)208-70-14270 RCKomatsu PC40014,5 
23Crown (XS)XS115RCKomatsu PC750, PC125042Коронка (XS)
24Crown (MTG)MA120H1 53 
25Crown (MTG)MA180E1 42 
26Crown (MTG)MA500E1 79 
27Crown (Volvo)30 GPLL150/F, L180/F, L220/F7,9 
28Crown (Volvo)30 GPL (усиленная)L150/F, L180/F, L220/F8,2 
29Crown (Volvo)55 AMREEC330/C, EC360/C, EC460/C15,9 
30Crown (Volvo)80 AMREEC700/C28Коронка (Volvo)
31Crown (D9)9W-2451Caterpillar D916,9Коронка (D9)
32Crown (D9)4T-5452Caterpillar D918Коронка (D9)
33Crown (D10)4T-4501Caterpillar D1029,6Коронка (D10)
34Crown (D10)4T-4502Caterpillar D1030,6Коронка (D10)
35Crown (D10)4T-5502Caterpillar D1033,7Коронка (D10)
36Crown (K90)220-9091Caterpillar 320A7,8Коронка (K90)
37Crown (K130)264-2131Caterpillar 36526Коронка (K130)
38Crown (K170)232-2178Caterpillar 385C72Коронка (K170)
39Crown (J400)8E-4402Caterpillar 32511,6Коронка (J400)
43Bucket tooth  ЭР-125013,5Зуб ковша
44Lip shroud (central)З.ЛМЗ.00.037  21,3Межзубьевая защита ковша центральная
45   Lip shroud    (left-hand)З.ЛМЗ.00.058  23 
46roud (right-hand)З.ЛМЗ.00.059  23 
47Bucket Corner protectionЗ.ЛМЗ.00.038  10Угловая защита ковша
48Pin 65SV2З.ЛМЗ.00.057 ЭКГ-51 
49Track protector  12